Magnetic Particle Test Bench

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Description of the newest product of AGM-MEGA Ltd., the Magnetic Particle Test Bench

to test complete rail wheelsets



1.      Description of technical delivery conditions of the KA-MEGA MTVKP 2250  Magnetic Particle Test Bench



1.1       The equipment is able to test rail wheelsets, wheeldisks, axle, axle stub, axle head according to requirements of MSZ EN norms, and the relating prescriptions of ISO 6933 DIN 27201-7 and VPI 04-2 edition, attachment no. 28; 31; 35.

The equipment can be operated automatically, or with manual control.


2.    Our references


2.1      Two Automatic equipment for  testing complete rail wheelsets is working at MÁV Tiszavas Ltd.  (in MISKOLC, Kandó K. tér)



2.2.      Rail axle crack test equipments:

- Test equipment with automatic operation: at Diósgyőr Railway Wheelset     Manufacturing   Ltd. (Miskolc)

-  Test equipment with manual operation: a magnetic test bench with basket: at MÁV

Railway Workshop Debrecen Ltd.